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Missing Number Grid Puzzles | Grades 3-5


Build number sense and fact fluency with these engaging missing number puzzles!


Do you need a fun and engaging way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and place value? These unique grid puzzles will challenge your kids to make connections between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division to build number sense and fact fluency.

Rather than providing standard practice with operations using a worksheet or flashcards, engage your kids with challenging puzzles!

Use these puzzles with kids in grades 3, 4 or 5, depending on what skills they need to review or practice.

How to Solve the Puzzles:

Each grid shows a specific math operation that is used to complete the grid (addition, subtraction, multiplication).

Students then use that operation to fill in the missing numbers. Sometimes the sum/difference/product is missing and sometimes the addend/factor is missing, increasing the challenge!

In both the printable version and the version for Google Slides, a directions/example slide/page is shown so students can learn how the puzzles work.

In addition, whenever the operation changes or the puzzles get harder, there are 2 simple versions to remind students how the puzzles work and to practice the new operation.

**To see an example of all that’s included, click here to preview this product!**

Included in the Download:

  • Directions for how to access the Google Slides + assign the puzzles in Google Classroom
  • 28 interactive puzzles to use in Google Slides (2 puzzles per slide)
  • Printer-friendly version of the puzzles (4 puzzles per page)
  • Answer key for all 28 puzzles

Here is the structure of the puzzles, so you can see what you might want your students to work on:

  • Addition & subtraction with a focus on place value (adding multiples of 100 and 1,000) (#1-6)
  • Addition & subtraction with 3-4 digit numbers (#7-12)
  • Multiplication with single digit facts (#13-18)
  • Multiplication of single digits with multiples of 10 and 100 (#19-24)
  • 4 ‘challenge’ puzzles (#25-28) where kids have to determine the operation used plus find the missing number

Note: The digital and printable puzzles are the same puzzles. There are 28 puzzles total, but 2 different versions for your convenience.

*Please Note: This product is intended for your personal use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, link to the file or digital slides, distribute, print for others or alter this product in any way. In addition, this product includes a downloadable pdf file, which can be printed, as well as a link to digital slides. No physical product will be mailed to you.*


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