Error Analysis Practice: Templates & Posters



One of the best higher order thinking skills kids can put into practice in math class is analyzing errors and mistakes.

This collection of ready to use pages can be used with kids of all ages to help them learn to analyze math mistakes, think about efficient strategies and learn from mistakes to prevent them in the future.

This collection includes everything you need to make this a regular habit in your math classroom including:

  • Teaching tips to help you know how to use the included pages
  • Classroom posters to remind your students of the types of math mistakes so they better know how to correct them
  • A classroom discussion page and handout to talk through the types of mistakes with students (they can then keep this handy in their notebook)
  • A simplified error analysis page for young kids
  • 2 additional error analysis templates for older kids (depending on how much time they have to work through it)
  • A single page to use for test corrections which allows kids to correct and analyze 3 problems on a single page

All of these pages are blank and can be used for a student to analyze their own mistake from a class, homework, quiz or test assignment.

Or you can provide a problem for them to analyze and correct that is not their own. Again, this is an excellent higher order thinking challenge and can be a great way to get kids thinking about math strategies (you could present a strategy they haven’t seen or used before and have them analyze it).

I hope this provides a useful and meaningful math activity for your classroom!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital, downloadable pdf file. No physical product will be shipped to you. In addition, this is intended for personal use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, distribute or alter this product in any way. Thank you for your honesty!