Introduction to Multiplication: BUNDLE

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Everything you need to give your kids a solid foundation for learning their multiplication facts!


This HUGE bundle now includes 3 different products: everything you need to introduce kids to multiplication in fun, hands-on ways and build a strong foundation for them to memorize their facts!

You’ll receive 3 different products in this bundle: “Introduction to Multiplication Lessons” ($12 value), “Skip Counting Resource Collection” ($6 value) & “Find the Facts Equation Search Games” ($2 value).

The Skip Counting Collection includes:

  • Skip Counting Dot-toDot Pages: Kids LOVE dot-to-dot pages, and this fun skip counting twist is a great way to practice this important skill. Included are 2 animal skip counting pages for each: 2s to 10s
  • Skip Counting Board Games: These print and play games let kids practice skip counting with a partner or small group. Includes 3 board games and then a set of BUMP games for 2s to 10s
  • Skip Counting Puzzles: These puzzle strips can be laminated to use again and again, or can be used as a cut & paste math craft. Includes 2 puzzles for each: 2s to 9s, in color and black and white
  • Skip Counting Practice Pages: Finally, there is a set of fill in the blank pages to practice skip counting by 2s to 10s. There are 2 of each page. The first includes some ‘helps’ with a few numbers filled in, while the second page is all blank with no helps.

The Intro to Multiplication Lessons Includes:

  • 5 different representations of multiplication (repeated addition, arrays, area, equal groups, a number line and hundreds chart), with guided note pages to teach and explore with your students.
  • There is also a set of pages which you can use to explore equal groups with the book, “2×2=BOO!” by Loreen Leedy.
  • There are then printable board games and a simple, low-prep matching game.
  • Also included are some word problem practice pages.
  • In addition, there are “Modeling the Facts” pages for each number from 1-10 to help students visually see patterns and work towards memorization.
  • Teaching tips for all the activities are included, as well as answer keys.
  • In addition, at the end of this bundle is a list of links to other helpful books, games and articles to supplement this unit and help your students memorize the times tables.

Find the Facts: Equation Search Puzzles

Finally, the Find the Facts Pages include an equation search for all the facts from 2-12 plus answer keys. This provides fun additional practice for your kids!

NOTE: This purchase includes 3 different pdf files. Please be sure to download and save all 3 files after checkout.

*Please Note: This bundle includes 3 digital, pdf files that are designed for personal use in the home or classroom only. You will not receive anything in the mail. You may not share or distribute these resources with others, or alter them in anyway. Thank you!

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