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I’m so excited that you are interested in purchasing a professional development course from Math Geek Mama. Below you will find all the available course options.

You can purchase individual courses or save more than 63% when you purchase the complete 6 course bundle. The bundle gives you immediate access to all the courses + bonus video trainings.

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Making Math Visual Course

Learn about brain development and why visual math is essential for deep math understanding and forming connections. Then discover how you can provide more visual math lessons, tools and tasks for your students. [Includes 1.5 hours of video content + printable lessons and resources.]

Teach Math with Picture Books Course

Whether you are looking to introduce, extend or review a math concept, you can make it more engaging and fun for your students by including picture books. Learn how to choose just the right book and when to incorporate it in your classroom. [Includes 1.5 hours of video content plus ready to use literature based math lessons.]

Making Sense of Word Problems Course

Deepen your own understanding of word problems and gain meaningful strategies to help your students feel confident tackling any math word problem. Then discover ways to open up problems to provide meaningful problem solving practice. [Includes 1.5 hours of video content plus dozens of ready to use word problem sets.]

Problem Solved Course

Learn how what problems you present and when you present them can transform your teaching and your students’ engagement. By exploring meaningful math tasks, you will see students make sense of problems, articulate new strategies and form connections. [Includes 2 hours of video content plus printable resources to help you get started.]

Meaningful Number Talks Course

Discover the power of daily number talks and how they can build fluency and confidence in even the most reluctant math learners. This step by step guide will give you a solid foundation and tools to get started right away. [Includes 1.5 hours of video content plus printable resources to help you get started.]

Complete Course Bundle

Get access to all 6 courses (including videos, printables, ebooks, etc.) as well as bonus video trainings with the complete course bundle. PLUS, save more than 63% off the price!

Thinking Deeply Course

Once you have a solid number talk routine, build on that daily math talk by including meaningful math writing. Through writing, students learn to think deeply about what they’re learning, connections they’ve made or questions they still have and will better retain that knowledge. [Includes 2 hours of video content plus math writing prompts and challenges to get started.]