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Solving Linear Equations Error Analysis Tasks | Digital + Printable Formats


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Want to provide additional practice with solving linear equations that pushes and challenges your learners? Analyzing a problem that is already solved will help kids to think through the steps and see if the solution makes sense.

Error analysis tasks encourage deep thinking about the concept and provide opportunities for rich math discussion. It also helps remove the anxiety of making mistakes because it’s not their work, but someone else’s.

Included in the Download:

  • Access link to 20 “Is It True?” tasks for Google Slides
  • Directions for accessing the slides + assigning tasks in Google Classroom
  • Convenient, half-page printable versions of the 20 tasks
  • Answer key for all 20 tasks

**Want to learn more? Click here to preview what the different versions look like!**

Is It True? Error Analysis Format:

This product includes 20 individual tasks to practice solving linear equations. Each task includes space to decide (yes/no) whether or not it has been solved correctly and then space to provide a justification for their choice.

The first 10 tasks include equations with 1 or 2 steps to solve.

The last 10 tasks include multi-step equations, including combining like terms and the distributive property.

Choose to assign tasks that fit your students grade and ability level.

A handful of the tasks are evaluated correctly, so that students don’t always assume it must be wrong and truly take time to analyze the problem.

*NOTE: The digital and printable tasks are the same 20 tasks, just in different formats for your convenience.*

*Please Note: This product is intended for your personal use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, link to the file or digital slides, distribute, print for others or alter this product in any way. In addition, this product includes a downloadable pdf file, which can be printed, as well as a link to digital slides. No physical product will be mailed to you.*


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