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Missing Number Puzzles: Order of Operations | DIGITAL + Printable


Build a foundation for Algebra while reviewing order of operations in a fun way!


Do your kids need a quick and fun way to review order of operations? Or a different way of thinking about it? These fun puzzles will reinforce important underlying math concepts and build algebraic thinking while practicing order of operations.

How to Use the Missing Number Puzzles:

Each puzzle shows an equation with some of the numbers missing. Students have to figure out which numbers will make the equation true.

  • The first 10 puzzles have exactly one solution.
  • The last 10 puzzles have more than one possible solution, increasing the challenge for students.

With time and practice, students will start to think logically about the given equation and use reasoning to determine possible answers (rather than a random guess and check method).

This will help them be more familiar with common factors and build a foundation for Algebra and solving linear equations.

Kids drag and drop the number tiles into the equation to form a true statement.

Included in the Download:

This product includes both digital and printer-friendly versions of all 20 puzzles. In the pdf download you will find:

  • Directions and access link for the puzzles on Google Slides
  • Directions for assigning in Google Classroom
  • Convenient, printable versions of the puzzles
  • Answer key for all puzzles

**To see an example of all that’s included, click here to see the preview!**

Note: The digital and printable puzzles are the same puzzles. There are 20 puzzles total, but 2 different versions for your convenience.

*Please Note: This product is intended for your personal use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, link to the file or digital slides, distribute, print for others or alter this product in any way. In addition, this product includes a downloadable pdf file, which can be printed, as well as a link to digital slides. No physical product will be mailed to you.*


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