Visual Dot Cards for Number Sense Games



Looking for some super simple ways to increase number sense in your kiddos? These dot cards can be used for SO many different games, helping kids to visualize quantities, learn addition and subtraction and compose and decompose numbers.

Included in the Download:

  • Included in this download are 32 dot cards, representing the numbers 1-9.
  • Plus it includes blank cards so you can create your own to add to the collection, creating even more games and challenges.
  • Also included is a list of 10 different games you can play with the cards.

Some games are individual games, so are partner games and some can be played with small groups.

**Please Note: This is a downloadable pdf file. Nothing will be mailed to you. In addition, this is designed for individual use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, distribute or alter this resource in any way. Thank you for your honesty!**

Prefer the app version? This is now available as an app for your phone or tablet!

See it on iTunes here | See it on Google Play here

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