Tally, Count & Graph: Data Analysis for K-2



Looking for some engaging, student-centered data analysis tasks? This interactive data collection activities set provides interesting and meaningful practice for even the youngest mathematicians.

For each theme, students poll other students, friends or family and keep track of their data with tally marks. They then count the total for each choice and graph it on a bar graph.

You can then use the data to discuss questions and analyze their graphs. Discussion questions are included to give you a starting place, but you will likely come up with additional questions based on students findings.

Using their graphs, kids can practice all sorts of skills:

  • Counting and comparing on a bar graph
  • Adding or subtracting different quantities
  • Estimating how the data might change with larger sets
  • Discuss implications of the data (why might one choice be preferred over another?)

This download includes 8 different themes. You can put kids into groups and let each group collect data with a different theme, or you can let all kids complete the same theme and use the activity multiple times throughout the school year.

You could also begin by collecting the data, graphing and analyzing all together as a group the first time. Once kids are familiar with tally marks and completing the bar graph, they can do the activity on their own with a different theme.

Each theme includes a tally page (in color and black and white), a bar graph page and a set of possible discussion questions.

See this post for an example of these activities!

Themes Include:

  • Favorite breakfast foods
  • Favorite burger toppings
  • Favorite morning drink
  • Favorite camping activity
  • Favorite circus jobs
  • Favorite farm animals
  • Favorite fitness activity
  • Favorite pirate jobs

Kids will love asking their friends and family their favorite foods, jobs or activities with this interactive math set!

Have a question? Feel free to reach out directly at mathgeekmama@gmail.com.

Please Note: This download is intended for personal use in the home or classroom only. You cannot share, distribute or link to this file in any way. If other teachers/parents are interested in using this, they must purchase their own license. Thank you for your understanding and honesty!

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