Area & Perimeter Scavenger Hunt – 3rd Grade – PRINTABLE



Could your kids use a fun review of area and perimeter problems? This class activity is FUN and gets kids up and moving!
Use this as extra practice with kids in 3rd grade who are still working to master area and perimeter problems, or as a review for kids in 4th grade who are still struggling.
Note: This scavenger hunt includes a variety of problem types, including finding the area by counting, finding perimeter of rectangles and finding the missing side length (given the perimeter).
In addition, pictures are included on each problem card, to help students visualize area and perimeter.
If you want, laminate the problem cards and give kids dry erase markers. Then they can write or draw on each problem to help them solve. (Just be sure they erase their marks before the next student/group gets to that problem!)

How the Scavenger Hunt Works:

The scavenger hunt includes 10 problems for kids to solve. To set it up, post all 10 problems in various locations around your room. Give each student a recording sheet and then you’re ready to get started!
To begin, kids can start with ANY of the problems. They solve it on their recording sheet and then have to FIND the solution somewhere around the classroom.
When they find the answer to the problem, they solve the NEXT problem in the scavenger hunt.
Eventually, they will end up back where they started and they’ll know they have completed the hunt correctly.

Tips for Using This in the Classroom:

  • Give kids a clipboard to make it easier to record their work and answers as they move about the room
  • Let kids work with partners as they make their way through the scavenger hunt
  • If you have a large class, assign kids a starting problem so they’re not all bunched together at the same location
  • Collect the recording sheets as an informal assessment of how your students are doing
  • Use this as an end-of-unit review, end-of-the-year review or as a substitute activity (be sure to do this with your students prior to leaving it with a sub so students know how it works)

Additional Skills Practice:

This download also includes 2 additional practice worksheets to provide students with additional, independent practice with area, perimeter, and missing side length.
Use these with students who need additional support and practice, as an individual grade after the whole class activity, or to send home as homework practice.
There is an area and perimeter worksheet which shows an irregular shape made with square centimeter blocks. Students find the area and perimeter of each shape, then answer some discussion questions to compare area and perimeter.
There is also a missing side length practice worksheet, which includes rectangles and triangles of different sizes. Some side lengths are given, along with the perimeter, and students use their problem solving skills to find the missing side length.
If your kids struggle with these types of problems, you may want to use the practice worksheets BEFORE completing the class scavenger hunt to help review and support students who need it.

Included in the Download:

  • Setup and Teaching Tips
  • 10 Scavenger Hunt Problem Cards (half pages)
  • Scavenger Hunt Recording Page
  • Area & Perimeter Worksheet
  • Missing Side Length Worksheet
  • Answer Keys for the Hunt and worksheets
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I hope this provides a fun and easy way for kids to practice this practical math skill!
**Please Note: This is a pdf download which you can download and save after checkout. No physical product will be shipped to you. In addition, this is designed for personal use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, distribute or alter this resource in any way. Thank you for your honesty!**


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