Let’s Build It: Addition & Subtraction Equations DIGITAL Activity

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If your kids struggle with writing addition & subtraction equations correctly, you will love this fun and interactive challenge.

The purpose of this activity is to help kids model pictures and situations using addition & subtraction equations. It is designed for Google Slides, with drag and drop numbers and symbols, so students can build their own equation.

There are 10 slides included to practice building an addition or subtraction equation within 10.

I would also encourage you to ask kids to tell a story to match the picture and the equation they build to help them see the connections between the different representations.

Math Skills Addressed:

  • Writing addition & subtraction equations within 10
  • Reading math equations corectly
  • Modeling situations with math
  • Seeing the commutative property

NOTE: This product includes a pdf download with a link to the digital activity, as well as directions for creating your own copy and assigning it to students in google classroom. You MUST click the link in the file and COPY the activity to your own Google Drive in order to use it.


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