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Teach Math Through Problem Solving: Online Training Course


Ready to engage your students in meaningful math inquiry so they are strong critical thinkers and problem solvers?


Although most math curricula begin by giving students direct instruction, then tons of practice problems, culminating in ‘application’ problems, teaching through problem solving takes the opposite approach.

When you start by engaging students in the problem solving process, students are forced to think about the math and look for ways to apply what they know. They will find their own strategies and apply their own ideas, making math learning more meaningful for them.

Sound complicated or overwhelming?

It doesn’t have to be.

In this course, through meaningful, bite-sized training videos, you will learn what learning math through problem solving is and why it is so beneficial to our students. You will then learn how to plan lessons and facilitate class discussions to ensure student success.

In addition, this course includes printable planning pages and engaging math activities that help you to implement what you learn right away.

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