Sir Cumference Lessons and Games Bundle


This huge collection of lessons and games goes along with the entire set of Sir Cumference books by Cindy Neushwander.


Do your kids love reading engaging math stories? Make math come alive with the Sir Cumference books! Then extend the learning with lessons and games to explore the math concepts in greater detail.

This lesson and games bundle includes more than 30 reproducible activities to use along with the entire series of Sir Cumference books (10 books) by Cindy Neuschwander and Wayne Geehan.

These lessons are ideal for kids in grades 2-4, but could be easily adapted for younger kids, or used as a fun, hands-on review with older kids.

This bundle covers a wide range of math concepts, including:

  • Measurement of circles and rectangles
  • Adding, subtracting and rounding large numbers
  • Exploring 2D and 3D shapes
  • Calculating area and perimeter
  • Understanding Euler’s Law
  • Measuring and classifying angles
  • Graphing on a coordinate plane
  • Using and writing algebraic expressions
  • Analyzing bar graphs and pie charts
  • Using fractions to represent parts of a whole


Sir Cumference Bundle_Topics Covered

This bundle is the perfect combination of math vocabulary, hands-on inquiry based lessons, fun math games and skills practice for your students.

*Want to see a sample of the activities?* Try out one of the lesson sets below for FREE:

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