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Math Problem of the Day Slides | Grades 7-8


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Looking for an easy, engaging and ready to use math warm-ups for your students? This set of problem of the day challenges has everything you need to review key concepts and build mental math skills all year long.

This bundle includes 20 ready to assign problems for Google Slides for every month of the year. That’s 240 math warm-ups!

Each month includes slides with a different theme, but they do not say the month on the slide, so you can use these anytime of the year that works best for you.

In addition, each month includes a blank slide, allowing you to fully customize this set to meet the needs of your students.

Use the blank slide to type in additional math problems to focus on a specific skill, or create additional problems to differentiate for your learners.


Each day, you can assign or present a problem to your students to solve. But that’s not all! There are additional prompts on the slide to push your students further and deepen their mathematical thinking.

First, students explain their steps or thinking in words. This forces students to think about what they’re doing and why, and learn to articulate or justify their reasoning to others.

Second, they then take it a step further and try to come up with their own math problem with the same solution. This again pushes them beyond mere computation to encourage creativity and making sense of the math they’re learning.

NOTE: Each solution is a whole number, to allow for mental math practice and to also help students to come up with their own problem. If you would prefer something else, you can add additional problems on the blank slides.


Each slide is ready for your students to interact with, by typing in their steps and thinking for how to solve the problem, as well as space to type their own math problem with the same solution.

1. Use these during virtual, distance learning

So if you are teaching virtually, you can assign 1-5 slides to your students each week for them to complete independently at home, then discuss them together during your virtual class meets.

You could also use them as a daily warm-up during virtual zoom calls or Google Meets by presenting the problem on the computer. Allow students time to work through it, then discuss it as a group. You can then record student thinking onto the slide as you discuss with your students.

2. Use these in the classroom

You can use these as an in person daily warm-up by presenting the slides to your students in the classroom.

Also included is a printable math journal so that students can record their thinking with pencil and paper, and then again, you can record student ideas right onto the slide as you discuss as a group.

The math journal includes 1/2 pages that you can cut out and assemble into a booklet, or cut out and have students glue into their math journal or interactive notebooks.

3. Use as daily homework problems

You could even use these as daily homework problems. Have your kids write the problem of the day in their math journal at the end of class. They can then work on it at home and you can all discuss their solutions and ‘create your own’ problems at the start of class the next day.

A complete answer key is also included, for your convenience.


Because the focus of these tasks is mental math practice and skills review, the math problems focus on 6th-7th grade math skills.

This allows students to review important concepts, while also focusing on writing about and justifying their thinking.

This includes the following concepts:

  • Order of operations
  • Fraction & decimal operations
  • Percent
  • Evaluating expressions
  • Solving equations
  • Word problems and math vocabulary
  • Exponents & square roots
  • GCF & LCM
  • Area & perimeter
  • Surface area & volume

***Want to see more of what’s included in this bundle? Click this PREVIEW to read more and see some of the slides!***

Please Note: This product is a downloadable pdf file with links to each month of Google Slides. No physical product will be shipped to you. In addition, this resource is for personal use in the home or classroom only. You may not share, distribute, alter or post this resource online in any way. Thank you for your honesty!


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