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Pattern Block Shape Challenges: Composing Shapes K-2



Looking for a fun and challenging way to engage your students and help them to see different ways to compose and decompose shapes? This set of pattern block challenges is perfect, and easy to differentiate!

This set of shape challenges for grades K-2 is open ended and makes a great math center challenge or early finisher activity.

This download includes 3 different types of challenges to help you meet kids where they are with an appropriate level of challenge during your geometry unit.

Or if you teach Kindergarten, you could use the level one challenges at the beginning of the year, and the more challenging puzzles at the end of the year to see how your kids have progressed.

Included in this download:

Level 1 mats (10 total): These include typical pattern block picture cards that show kids how different shapes have been put together to form a picture. Kids then build the picture using the same blocks and count the total for each shape. If they’re able, they can then write an equation to find the total blocks for the whole picture.

Level 2 mats (10 total): The next set of mats includes only the outline of the shape but gives a hint as to how many of each pattern block to use to fill in the shape. This gives kids a starting point as they work to fill the shape without going outside the outline. It then challenges them to fill it a different way.

Level 3 mats (10 total): Finally, the last set includes the same 10 outlines, but challenges kids to fill the shape with an exact number of blocks (for example, ‘Can you make a boat with exactly 12 pattern blocks?’). This is more open ended and allows them to think about which shapes they might use to create the picture. Again, it then challenges them to fill it a different way as well.

Each level also includes teaching tips and ideas for how you might use the pattern block mats.

I hope your kids enjoy these fun open ended shape problems and that it encourages them to see different ways to compose and decompose shapes!

*Want to see a sample of these shape challenges?*

Click HERE to download a sample set!

*Please Note: This is a digital pdf file that is intended for personal use in the home or classroom only. No physical product will be mailed to you. You may not share, distribute or alter this product in any way. Thank you for your honesty!

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