Number Detectives: Addition & Subtraction Challenges to 100



This set of addition and subtraction activities is perfect for grades kindergarten, first grade and second grade. This is designed to help kids practice addition and subtraction, but also compose and decompose numbers, understand fact families, writing equations and so much more!

There are several activities in this download that can be easily differentiated.

Included in the Download:

First is a hands-on “mystery number” activity. Kids pick a mystery number card, and then use the “equation builder” pieces to play with numbers and see how many equations they can make to create that number.

There’s a recording page where kids can write their solutions and look for patterns as they see the different solutions.

There’s also a whole class game that can be played with the cards as well.

Then there are equation challenges, where kids are given all the parts of an addition or subtraction equation and have to use them to write a true statement. Again, there is usually more than one right answer.

After that, there are mystery number riddle pages, where kids use the clues and a number line to figure out the possible solutions. The clues help kids narrow down the possibilities, but there’s still going to be more than one possible answer.

Finally, there’s a page for kids to create their own mystery number challenge.

There are also answer keys for all the challenge worksheets. Plus, there are teaching tips and directions included.

These activities will help your kids develop number sense and increase confidence as they play and explore numbers, addition and subtraction.

Ideas for how to use these:

  • Use this as a math center
  • A challenge for early finishers
  • Additional help for kids who are struggling
  • A fun activity with a substitute

*Want to see a sample of these activities?*

Click HERE to download the Number Detectives Sample

*Please Note: This is a downloadable pdf file which you can save after you checkout. No physical product will be mailed to you. Also, it is intended for personal use in the home or classroom only. You can not share, distribute or alter this resource in anyway. Thank you for your honesty!*

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