Math in the Cards: 100+ Math Card Games for Grades K-8


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Looking for new and engaging ideas to make math practice fun for your kids? Never rely on a boring worksheet again! This resource is the ultimate collection of games, with more than 100 games and puzzles for grades K-8.

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There are more concepts included than I have room to cover here, but here are some of the topics you will find covered in this huge collection:

  • Whole Number Concepts and Operations including number recognition, counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation and mental math skills (33 games)
  • Geometry and Measurement Concepts including recognizing polygons, finding area and perimeter, metric length, and symmetry (11 games)
  • Fraction, Decimal and Percent Concepts including place value, comparing decimals and fractions, decimal and fraction operations, and finding the percent of a number (6 games)
  • Pre-Algebra Concepts including comparing integers, integer operations, graphing on a coordinate plane, and exponent operations (6 games)
  • Probability and Statistics Concepts such as mean, median and mode and data analysis skills (9 games)
  • Logical Thinking Skills such as deductive reasoning and an introduction to binary search strategy (8 games)
  • Card Puzzles and Tricks which cover problem solving strategies such as finding a pattern, trial and error and working backwards as well as provide creative practice with basic facts and order of operations (34 games)
  • PLUS, 2 interdisciplinary games which combine math skills with geography and outer space

And if you consider all of the included variations for each game, there are probably more than 200+ possible game options in this huge collection! Each game includes ways to adapt for younger kids, or make it more challenging.

In addition, there are selected answers and comments to help you as the teacher better understand each game and potential solutions, discussions and such.

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