January 2020 Math Calendars | 3 Versions



Want a simple way to incorporate a “problem of the day?” This set of calendars for January 2020 provides a different math problem for each day of the month. The fun twist is that each day the solution is equal to the date! This allows kids to self check.

There are 3 levels for kids of different ages and abilities included (roughly for grades K-2, grades 305 and grades 6-8).

The level 3 calendar also includes an additional challenge: about once a week, kids are asked to create their own problem with a solution equal to the date.

Use these as a daily warm up, problem of the day, with calendar time, or as a simple homework challenge to encourage math talk at home.

Included in this Download:

  • A January 2020 calendar for grades K-2
  • A January 2020 calendar for grades 3-5
  • A January 2020 calendar for grades 6-8

If you enjoy using these calendars, you might be interested in the entire set, which includes calendars for the entire 2020 year.

Learn more about the bundle of 2020 Problem of the Day Calendars HERE.

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