Decimal Operations Maze Practice Set



This cute set of practice pages is a fun way for kids to review operations with decimals.

This pdf download includes 6 different mazes plus answer keys for each page.


  • 2 mazes to practice addition & subtraction with decimals
  • 2 mazes to practice multiplication & division with decimals
  • 2 mazes to practice rounding decimals

Although this is basic skills practice, kids will enjoy the challenge of trying to make it through each maze.

Plus, this makes them self-checking, so if a student can’t find their answer in the maze, they know to go back and check their work and try it again.

While I designed this for grades 4 and 5 who are just beginning to work with decimals, this would be a fun and quick review or supplement for kids in grades 6-7 who are struggling (or just need additional practice).

**Please Note: This is a digital pdf file, intended for PERSONAL use in the home or classroom only. You may not share any portion of this with other teachers, and no physical product will be shipped to you. Thank you for your honesty!**

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