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5th Grade Math at Home: Distance Learning Pack



Are you a teacher or parent needing a simple plan to keep kids learning math at home for the time being? This easy to follow plan is perfect for your 5th grade students (or you could use this with 6th graders who need more support for number sense and working with fractions).

Although this plan provides daily math for 2 weeks, you can also very easily adapt it to provide math at home activities, games and practice for 4 weeks.

5th Grade Math at Home Overview:

This plan includes everything parents need for 2-4 weeks of daily math, including:

  • A daily number sense activity (includes 1 for week one and 1 for week 2)
  • Daily math skills practice (10 problems per day, or 5 problems per day to spread this out over 4 weeks)
  • Daily low-prep game (this includes super simple card games, dice games or print and play games to make it easy on parents who don’t have math manipulatives on hand)

There are detailed instructions for parents to help them provide structure and practice for their kids, as well as links to teaching videos and additional resources if they find their child struggling with particular concepts.

Lastly, you will find answer keys for the entire set of daily math skills practice pages.

Whether you need to print these out to send home or parents need to print them themselves, I’ve made it easy for you with single pages, and everything in black and white.

Also note that none of the student pages state an age or grade level, so if you have older kids who need to review these skills, they won’t be put off by seeing “5th grade” on their practice pages and games.

Although the daily practice pages are worksheets, the problems were chosen to provide meaningful skills practice by including:

  • A focus on place value understanding with visuals
  • A focus on building number sense with fractions
  • Problems that increase in difficulty gradually building on what students have already done
  • Daily word problem practice with space to draw a picture or other visual to help them solve

Math Skills Covered:

  • Week one covers place value, comparing numbers, factors and multiples, multiplication and division with 2-3 digit numbers (this could be spread out over 2 weeks)
  • Week two covers comparing fractions, operations with fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions plus perimeter and area with composite shapes and triangles (this could also be spread out over 2 weeks)
  • Every page of skills practice includes a word problem with space to draw a picture, diagram or visual and space to solve

Although the games and practice pages are designed to be printed, you are welcome to adapt this to use with distance learning software, such as google classroom.

*Please Note: While you are certainly welcome to share the student pages with your parents, you may NOT share the file with other teachers. They must purchase their own set to use with their students. Thank you for your honesty.

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