Math in Nature: Enrichment Curriculum

Get Out of the Classroom & Into the Real World

Get Outside & Engage with Math in the World Around You

Do your kids see math as exciting? Engaging? Something to discover and explore in the world around them?

If not, perhaps it’s time to take them outside to see the beauty of the mathematical world we live in.

With the ‘Math in Nature’ enrichment curriculum, kids will discover and explore big math concepts that are probably not covered in your textbook. And are probably not covered on any standardized test.

But ‘Math in Nature’ will show kids that math is so much more than memorizing facts or working out computations. And it will teach kids to be curious about the world and to be thinkers and problem solvers. Do you want that kind of math experience for your kids?

Let me show you how.

Math in Nature Curriculum Features:

This math enrichment curriculum covers 5 exciting math topics that we see in the natural world. Everything is included to help you successfully teach and explore these ideas with your kids, with ideas for how to best adapt it for your particular situation.


Notice & Wonder Prompts

Each math concept begins with a time of open exploration. What do kids notice? What burning questions do they want to ask & explore? Throughout their study, they record their thoughts, ideas & questions in their journal.

Teacher Manual & Student Handouts

You also receive a set of student handouts for hands on lessons and explorations to discover math in the world around you. Plus, you receive a teacher manual with adaptations and extensions and answer keys.

Book Lists & Math Craft Ideas

Finally, the curriculum also includes a list of picture books to go along with each theme as well as math art/craft ideas for each theme. Incorporate these as time allows to review and reinforce what your kids have learned.

Ready to Explore Math in Nature?

Buy the full curriculum for only $25 and start discovering math in the world around you today!

What Others Are Saying:

“I used Math in Nature with my 3rd-5th grade co-op class (which actually had two 2nd graders & a 6th grader Emoji) and they absolutely LOVED it! They didn’t even think they were doing math, but they enjoyed every minute. It actually kept their attention well and these are easily distractible children we’re talking about. Thank you so much!”

Molly C.

Homeschool Mom

“I teach in a large urban city where access to the outdoors is very challenging. So, it was nice to try to find ways to integrate nature into my class. It integrated very well into my current teaching. My students bought into the lessons because they contained real things found in nature. Anything that has art and math together is fun for my students. It was great way to end my fall semester by having my students design fractal snowflakes.”


6th Grade Teacher

Math in Nature Curriculum Components:

This curriculum is open and go–all the planning and research has been done for you–meaning you can easily get started teaching and exploring these math concepts right away! To see some of the activities in action, check out the video below.

Engaging Math in Nature Posters:

To begin and introduce each topic, kids spend time observing pictures of various objects found in nature and recording their thoughts in their journal. What cool things do they notice? What questions do they have? This provides a low-floor/high-ceiling introduction, meaning every student is able to notice and wonder things about the world around them. This creates ‘buy in’ and encourages curiosity and an excitement to dig deeper and learn more.

Fun, Hands On Lessons & Activities:

After a quick introduction to the math in nature topic, kids will have fun digging deeper and exploring math related to the concept in fun, hands on ways. Important math skills are woven in to reinforce skills, allowing kids to learn and use their math skills in a real context.

The 5 Math Themes Include:

  • Math in Space | Explore astronomical units, planet orbits & surface temperature
  • Fibonacci Sequence | Explore number patterns & spirals
  • Hexagons | Explore tessellation, composing shapes & fractions
  • Fractals | Explore patterns in common fractals & introduce exponents
  • Concentric Circles | Explore circle vocabulary & measurements

Throughout these different units of study, kids will be introduced to common math concepts & be able to use and apply them in a meaningful context, including:

  • Seeing & using decimals on a number line
  • Working with integers on a number line
  • Understanding number patterns & sequences
  • Composing shapes & repeating shapes
  • Exploring repeated multiplication as an introduction to exponents
  • Measuring circles & using/applying circle vocabulary

Fun Fact Pages to Reinforce the Big Ideas:

After learning and exploring together, you can print out the ‘Fun Facts’ pages for each student. This includes some of the big ideas kids learned all on one page so they can easily reference it or share what they learned with family members. Use this as a quick review/lesson recap at the end of your topical study.

Picture Books & Craft Ideas:

Finally, the curriculum includes a list of picture books you can include & read along with each theme, as well as links to fun and easy math arts & crafts projects to go along with each theme. Depending on your kids and what would most interest them, weave in these extras as you see fit or as time allows.

Want to See a Sample of the Materials?

Simply click the button to open and view an overview of the curriculum and a few sample pages including a ‘fun facts’ page and some of the student handout pages.

Ready to Explore Math in Nature?

Get kids excited to learn math concepts in fun & engaging ways with this hands on enrichment curriculum.

Access Even More With the Limited Time BONUSES!

For a limited time, you will receive these additional bonus materials (at no additional cost!), designed to equip you as the teacher and enhance the learning experience of your kids. But hurry, these bonuses go away after June 9!

BONUS Video Training: How to Teach & Explore Math in Nature


This training video (approximately 50 minutes long) walks you through each of the math themes, explaining the math concepts and providing ideas for adaptations and extensions so you feel ready and confident learning & exploring alongside your kids.


BONUS eBook: Math in Nature Logic Puzzles


This set of sudoku puzzles includes 10 puzzles: 2 for each theme of the Math in Nature curriculum (Math in Space, Fibonacci Sequence, Hexagons, Fractals & Concentric Circles) plus answer keys. This is a fun extra activity for kids to do along with their hands on lessons!

BONUS eBook: Exploring Symmetry


Want another fun ‘Math in Nature’ topic to explore with your kids? Symmetry is another mathematical idea that we see all around us.

With this resource, you can help kids understand different types of symmetry and look for examples in the natural world, then extend their thinking with engaging challenges using pattern blocks & area.


BONUS: Outer Space ‘Virtual Field Trips’ from Curated x Kai


Think you can’t go to outer space to see planet orbits or Saturn’s rings for yourself? Now you can!

With this set of Virtual Reality space field trips and corresponding worksheet pages, your kids can ‘go to space’ to learn even more about the planets, their moons, asteroids, astronaut training, etc. from NASA scientists! Plus, you’ll get an exclusive discount on VR headsets and other materials from Curated x Kai!

Ready to Dig In?

Get out of the classroom and into the real world with this hands on math enrichment curriculum for just $25!

About the Author:

This curriculum was written and developed by Bethany, owner and founder of Bethany is a former math teacher who knows how difficult it can be to draw students in and engage them in the discovery and wonder of math topics. Her goal with Math in Nature is to help kids see math in the world around them and to be excited to learn and discover new things. She wants kids to go beyond the textbook, with its rules and procedures that seem to have no relevance to our lives, to discover that math can be beautiful and exciting.

Still Have Questions?

What ages is this designed for?

Ideally, this has been designed for kids ages 8-12. However, there are lots of ways to adapt the activities for younger kids and even older kids who are ready to explore the topics more deeply. The bonus training video explains a lot of ways to adapt it for younger or older kids. If you have a question about your particular kids, feel free to email me at

Is this curriculum for teachers or parents?

This curriculum can be used in the classroom or at home! Teachers can weave the lessons in on extra school days when you need a break from the normal routine or use this as a unique unit study during summer school. Parents can use this as a fun and educational at-home summer camp with their kids, or as fun activities to do throughout the summer when kids cry, “I’m bored!”  

How much time is required?

First, you can use this as a week long unit study or you can use it once a week for 5 weeks, or you could spread it out and spend a whole week on each theme for 5 weeks. So if you wanted to really spread out the activities, you could spend as little as 30 minutes-1 hour per day for 5 weeks. Or if you set it up as a week long study or ‘summer camp’ you could spend 3-4 hours each day exploring each theme in depth. Of course, with all the different activities and options included, you can adapt it to fit your unique circumstances and time table.

How do I access the materials?

After purchasing, you will be given immediate access to the Math in Nature Resource Page. This includes the training video, links to all the curriculum materials, links to the bonus ebooks as well as links to additional research articles. You will also receive a set of follow up emails explaining how to access the materials.

Are additional materials required for the activities?

A materials list is included that tells you all the materials you need for each math theme you’ll study, but the materials are mostly things you will find around your house (bowl, dish soap, ruler, string, chalk, etc.). The one exception is a set of pattern blocks. These are necessary for one activity kids complete to explore hexagons. If you do not have these blocks, however, you could simply skip that activity.

Can I request a refund if I don't like it?

Yes. While I will be sad that this wasn’t a good fit for you, I want you to be completely satisfied and confident in your purchase. If for some reason it does not meet your expectations, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchasing.

This is a risk free purchase:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the curriculum materials, simply email us within 30 days for a full refund. I want this to be a purchase that makes teaching & exploring math fun and easy for you. If it’s not what you’re looking for, I’ll refund you. No questions asked.

What do you have to lose?

You want kids excited & engaged in learning…

You want to encourage creative thinkers & problem solvers…

You want every child to believe they are capable of succeeding & loving math…

Begin that journey today by exploring math in nature.