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Making Math Visual: Why It’s Important & How to Incorporate Visual Learning Into Your Classroom

Learn New Math Teaching Strategies…In Your Pj’s.

You’re busy. I get it! You want to engage and challenge every child in your class, but with so many different ability levels and individual needs, it’s easier said than done.

As you juggle different learning styles, curriculum demands, plus trying to manage your everyday life, finding the time and money to learn effective and easy to implement teaching strategies seems impossible.

That’s why I’m here to help.

Feel more confident teaching math and learn new ways to reach each child where they are.

Making Math Visual Course Features:

This math training course comes with lifetime access, meaning you can watch the content at your own pace and return to it whenever you need. Watch over the weekend and be prepared with new strategies by Monday, or save it for your next break from school.

Short Training Videos

This course is broken down into short, bite-sized videos, allowing you to watch and learn a little at a time. Watch during your lunch break, in car line or while you sip your morning coffee.


Printables to Implement What You Learn

This course also includes printable lessons, activities and more so that you can begin to implement what you learn right away.


Additional Support

In addition, when you register for the course, you gain access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions or share your classroom successes.

What Others Are Saying:

“Bethany is full of math knowledge and enthusiasm, but she’s able to communicate clearly and creatively, breaking down ideas into meaningful chunks and supporting the information with examples and even research. I’ve found the classes to be engaging and rich with information, but not too long or overwhelming. Bethany’s love for math is evident both through the courses she offers and also the printables she creates to share that love with our students.”


What’s Included in the Making Math Visual Course:

Current brain research has revealed that our brains require visuals to learn and comprehend math for the long term. But what does that mean for our teaching and how can we be intentional about using and incorporating more visual math into our lessons?

This course includes 9 short training videos & printable, pdf files to give you research based strategies and real examples of visual math lessons. All of the content is conveniently stored on this website, where you can access it whenever you like. There are also links to related articles and other helpful resources around the web to help you implement what you learn.

In addition, if you are a teacher, please note that this course includes a certificate of completion for 1.5 professional development hours. While this is certainly not guaranteed to be accepted as continuing education credits, some schools may accept this.

Making Math Visual: Course Content

While making math visual might be something you already try to do, you will be encouraged as you learn how our brains work, as well as learn new strategies for helping kids to visualize the math they’re learning.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why visual math is essential based on current brain research
  • How to use simple tools to strengthen different parts of the brain
  • How to make math visual with patterns and graphic organizers
  • Hands on tools to visually explore all kinds of math concepts

Included Printables & Visual Lessons:

In addition to the video content, this course also includes helpful printables and visual math lessons so that you can begin incorporating them into your lessons right away.

With this course you will receive:

  • Visual Dot Cards for Whole Class Discussions (and how to use them)
  • Graphic Organizers for a variety of math concepts
  • Visualize, Draw, Share Activity Page
  • Visual Math Lessons for exploring fractals & patterns

*BONUS ebook!*

In addition to the above printables, this course includes my ebook, Hands On Math Exploration with Geoboards ($10 value!). This ebook includes dozens of hands on, visual math lessons using geoboards (or dot paper) to help students see a connection between geometry and algebra. This is designed for students in grades 5-10, but many introduction lessons can be done with younger students.

Ready to Purchase?

This is a one time investment in your math teaching, giving you new strategies and confidence. Purchase ‘Making Math Visual’ OR the complete 6 course bundle with bonus content to save more than 63%.

Save Even More With the Complete Course Bundle!

Want to learn as much as possible, and save $255? I’ve got you covered!

When you purchase all 6 courses together, not only will you save money, but you even get access to BONUS content! The bundle includes a collection of additional video trainings on topics such as:

  • Building Math Mindsets
  • Filling in the Math Gaps
  • Loving Living Math
  • Visual Models for Fraction Operations…and MORE

With the course bundle, you save more than 63%, plus get access to the bonus content! That means 8 hours of professional development jam packed with research and strategies you can put into practice in your classroom immediately.


Certificate of Completion:

Need extra PD hours for continuing education credit? This course includes a certificate of completion for 1.5 hours of course credit.

*Please Note: There is no guarantee that your school or district will accept this as PD credit. Please be sure to verify with your school before purchasing.*

Is this course right for you?

This math training course is designed for anyone who teaches math in grades K-8. Click any of the buttons below to learn more about how this course might fit your particular situation.

This is Me!

As a new teacher, you will love the wealth of information and printables available at your fingertips! The content taught in this course will give you an overview of how our brains learn math plus easy to implement strategies to really strengthen your students’ understanding (and boost your confidence). You may even learn methods of solving math problems that you weren’t taught in school.

This is Me!

As an experienced teacher, you will love digging deeper into different visuals and models to really approach math problems multiple ways so that you can pass that on to your students. Plus, you will learn about current brain research and hopefully pick up new ideas and strategies that you haven’t tried before.

This is Me!

As a tutor, coach or interventionist, you likely work with a large age range of students, each with unique struggles and needs. The strategies and ideas you learn in this course will give you additional tools and visuals to engage and stretch each student that you work with, meeting them where they are.

This is Me!

Put aside the fear of homeschooling math! In this course you will learn to better understand math yourself, as well as strategies to better help your kids understand (and understand deeply).

Ready to Purchase?

Learn how our brains learn math and add new tools and strategies to your math teaching arsenal with this math training course or save money and learn even more with the complete 6 course bundle.

Still Have Questions About One of the Courses?

Are these courses for teachers or parents?

These courses are designed with classroom teachers in mind. That being said, the materials are mostly focused on math teaching strategies that anyone who teaches math will benefit from, including homeschool families. The only exception may be the “Number Talks” course, which assumes a small group of students in order to have regular number talks. Parents who do not teach in some capacity or homeschool may not benefit from these courses.

I don't live in the U.S. Can I still sign up?

You sure can. Simply check out with paypal, and you’re all set.

With so many free resources, why do I need to pay?

While I do strive to offer lots of fun and free activities at, it is difficult to go into the level of depth in a single blog post that these courses cover. And while you could read lots of blog posts online and research and gather ideas on your own, I have tried to do all the leg work for you so that you can glean all the practical tips in an easy to digest format. Plus, I have created custom printable materials designed to go along with each course that aren’t available anywhere else.

How do I access the materials?

After signing up, you will be given immediate access to the course dashboard. Simply click on the course that you registered for to begin. You can then login again at anytime to access the materials. You will also receive a set of follow up emails explaining how to access and navigate the site.

Can I request a refund if I don't like it?

Yes. While I will be sad to see you go, I want you to be completely satisfied and confident in your purchase. If for some reason it does not meet your expectations, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchasing.

What grades are the courses for?

The strategies taught are highly adaptable, and I tried to include lots of examples to span grades K-8. If you teach preschool, these courses will likely focus on math skills too advanced for your kiddos. If you teach high school, feel free to email me at mathgeekmama(at)gmail(dot)com to ask about your particular class/grade if you are interested in one of the courses.

This is a risk free purchase:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the course content and printable materials, simply email us within 30 days for a full refund. I want this to be a purchase that benefits you for years to come. If it’s not what you’re looking for, I’ll refund you. No questions asked.

What do you have to lose?

You want to be the very best math teacher you can be…

You want every child to leave class excited about math and confident in their abilities…

You want to meet the needs of each individual child, making it accessible for the struggling learners, but at the same time challenging the advanced learners…

This is no easy task, but I am here to help.