Making Sense of Word Problems Course

I hope you enjoy the content of this mini course! Below you will find short and simple teaching videos, with related links and printable resources below each video. Though you should start with the first video (a quick introduction) you don’t necessarily need to watch them in order.

I would also highly suggest going through the Meaningful Number Talks Course first. This course will build on a solid foundation of daily number talks, and combining the two strategies-number talks and meaningful word problems-will work together to help kids make sense of it all. 🙂

If you like to take notes, you can download the slides under each video with room to jot your notes or questions down.

And after you’ve completed the course? Share your thoughts or rich and engaging word problems that you create (because I know you will!) with everyone in our facebook group!

Module 1 Making Sense of Word Problems:
Lesson 1 Introduction:  
Lesson 2 Understanding Addition & Subtraction Problems  
Lesson 3 Understanding Multiplication & Division Problems  
Lesson 4 Scaffolding with Numberless Word Problems  
Lesson 5 Represent Situations with Models  
Lesson 6 Give Kids Ownership in the Problem  
Lesson 7 Open It Up: Turning Word Problems into Open Ended Challenges  
Lesson 8 Make it Engaging with 3-Act Tasks