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Looking for an EASY way to help your students review, stay engaged, and have FUN with math through the end of the school year?!

A collection of high-quality printable & digital resources to help math teachers provide FUN, engaging, worthwhile lessons for their students…at a fraction (see what we did there? 😉) of the cost!

The materials in the End-of-Year Math Bundles will help you…

Spend less time planning!

You have enough on your plate these days. Let us take some of the stress off with engaging, ready to use math resources. Print out some games or assign a virtual activity in Google Classroom with the click of a button.

Engage students in meaningful math.

Don’t waste time with activities or worksheets that focus on rote memorization or boring drills. Use these activities your students will actually enjoy that explain both “why” and “how.”

Build up your teacher library.

Are you a new teacher who constantly has to buy additional materials? We’ve got you covered. In each bundle, you’ll have instant access to 20+ resources for your students that you can use again and again.

End-of-Year Math Bundle Sale Ends In:








 As a teacher, we know your time and resources are already stretched so thin.

And a pandemic doesn’t help with that.

You’re trying your hardest to help your students learn and stay engaged in your math class, but you regularly find yourself…


Overwhelmed with trying to fill in gaps students have so you can move ahead with the content


Struggling to keep up with lesson prep because you're juggling teaching & classroom management responsibilities


Spending a ton of your own money on teaching resources (and a ton of time searching for them!)


Working to differentiate for each student because of their different learning levels...especially this year


Trying to make end-of-year review and test prep fun & meaningful, rather than boring and obligatory

This is why we’ve teamed up to bring you 2 bundles of engaging, done-for-you digital & printable math resources that you & your students will LOVE.

Simply choose your bundle for grades 3-5 or grades 6-8, and get teaching!

With the materials in the End-of-Year Math Bundles, you’ll be able to much more easily:

Review key skills so your kids have fun preparing for end-of-year tests

Provide engaging, interactive math lessons for those end-of-year topics, like geometry and probability

Stretch your students with critical thinking challenges & meaningful projects

Assess students' understanding with self-grading activities (and spend your weekend doing something you love!)

Ready to help your students stay engaged, HAVE FUN, and end the school year WELL?

Get a variety of printable & digital learning activities that you don’t have to create yourself…all for one low price!


End-of-Year Math Bundle Sale Ends In:








“Thank you so much for this amazing product! Given the extreme workload, I don’t have enough time to sleep! This product means the world to me; I’m so thankful for your genius!”

-Carolyn, previous Math Bundle customer

Whether you’re teaching virtually, in person, or both, the 2022 End-of-Year Math Bundles were designed to help you & your students have a GREAT rest of the school year.

Each grade level bundle includes a variety of both printable and digital learning materials such as:


Math teacher, we’re excited to make it easier for you to do what you love: help your students master (and love!) math!

End-of-Year Math Bundle Sale Ends In:








“I honestly don’t know how you guys are this amazing! I seriously left the link a bunch of times because I didn’t believe the price. To have all of these digital activities for such an inexpensive price, wow!”

-Alysha, previous Math Bundle customer

Check out the details of what you’ll get in each grade level bundle:

All activities are geared towards 3rd-5th grade students across different math disciplines, covering:

Place value with whole numbers and decimals

Addition & subtraction to 1000

Multiplication and division with whole numbers

Comparing fractions & equivalent fractions

Operations with fractions & decimals

Area & perimeter


Elapsed Time

And more!

5th Grade Math Sort Bundle

Printable ($12 Value)

Open Ended Math Tasks

Print & Digital ($10.80 Value)

Missing Numbers Multiplication Puzzles

Print & Digital ($10 Value)

4th Grade Test Prep Bundle

Print & Digital ($24 Value)

4th Grade Math Word Wall

Print & Digital ($12 Value)

Fractions Self-Grading Quiz Bundle-4th Grade

Digital ($10 Value)

Decimal Operations Bundle

Print & Digital ($13.50 Value)

Computation Review Bundle

Digital ($17.00 Value)

Elapsed Time Game & Task Card Bundle

Print & Digital ($11.95 Value)

Fraction Games Mega Pack

Printable ($12 Value)

Operations with Fractions Flash Card Super Set

Printable ($11 Value)

Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Review Games

Printable ($21 Value)

3rd Grade Area & Perimeter Boom Cards Bundle

Digital ($21 Value)

5th Grade Math Color by Number Bundle

Print & Digital ($12 Value)

Fractions Assessment & Interventions

Print & Digital ($24 Value)

Self-Checking Clip Cards Bundle

Printable ($10.50 Value)

National Park Road Trip Project

Printable with videos ($10 Value)

Fraction Mega Bundle

Printable ($25 Value)

Place Value Review Bundle

Print & Digital ($15 Value)

Decimal Operations Bingo Bundle

Printable ($15.35 Value)

5th Grade Math Review

Print & Digital ($10 Value)

Multiplication Color by Number Set

Printable ($12.25 Value)

End-of-Year STEM Challenges

Print & Digital ($10.50 Value)

Word Problems Activity Bundle (Grades 4-5)

Printable ($16.50 Value)

Mystery Number Bundle

Print & Digital ($14 Value)

Multiplication Reveal a Picture Boom Cards™ Bundle

Digital ($12 Value)

3rd Grade Scavenger Hunt Bundle

Printable ($12 Value)

Whole Number Computation Review

Print & Digital ($10.50 Value)

End-of-Year Fraction Fun

Print & Digital ($12 Value)

“I just bought the 3-5 pack! That was incredible value!! Thank you! I have to tell you that this resource is a gift to teachers. You did this for us. You are teaching through us. Thank you.”

-Cynthia, previous Math Bundle customer

All activities are geared towards 6th-8th grade students across different math disciplines, covering:

Order of operations

Dividing fractions and decimals

Ratios, proportion & percent

Linear equations & inequalities

Systems of linear equations

Surface area & volume

Measures of center

Data analysis


And more!

6th Grade Geometry Task Cards Bundle

Print & Digital ($16 Value)

6th Grade Scavenger Hunt Bundle

Printable ($18 Value)

7th Grade Math Brainteasers

Printable ($12 Value)

Beginning Algebra Review

Print & Digital ($10 Value)

Build Your Own Amusement Park Project

Printable ($8 Value)

Linear Equations Activities Mini Bundle

Print & Digital ($10.50 Value)

Divide Large Numbers Boom Card Bundle

Digital ($15 Value)

Data & Statistics Bundle

Print & Digital ($12 Value)

6th Grade Math Bingo Bundle

Printable ($12 Value)

6th & 7th Grade Test Prep

Printable ($10 Value)

Pre-Algebra Unit: Fractions & Decimals

Printable with videos ($17 Value)

Linear Inequalities Unit

Print & Digital ($15.50 Value)

Probability Activity Bundle

Print & Digital ($10.50 Value)

Problem Solving Strategies Word Problems

Print & Digital ($15 Value)

6th Grade Math Review

Print & Digital ($10 Value)

Pre-Algebra Critital Thinking Prompts

Printable ($22 Value)

Middle School Math Review (Google Slides)

Digital ($15 Value)

Math Vocabulary Notebook & Templates

Print & Digital ($10 Value)

Percent Reveal a Picture Boom Cards™

Digital ($12 Value)

Systems of Linear Equations Mini Unit

Printable ($8 Value)

6th Grade Math Start to Finish Puzzles Bundle

Printable ($20 Value)

“Thank you so much for doing these math concepts digitally, it really helps me as I was unsure how to do it with google slides. We are out there trying to make interactive math instruction in google classroom as well as in class. Why struggle and be frustrated when all you wonderful math minds came together and helped us math teachers?  Greatly appreciated!”

-Heather, Previous Math Bundle customer

See what other happy teachers have been saying about our previous Math Bundles!

About the Mystery Number Bundle

“I’ve been using these during morning work a couple of times a week and my students absolutely LOVE them! I have my students either work in pairs or in their math groups. Thank you for such a great resource!” -Happy Teacher

About the Fraction Games Mega Bundle

“I am very excited to use these in my fourth grade classroom this year! I probably will not use every single component this school year, but there are components that I would have used in 3rd grade and components that I would definitely use if I were ever moved up to 5th or 6th. This would be an awesome resource for a math specialist to purchase since (s)he works across different grade levels. Thanks for a great product!” -Kasey B.

About the Elapsed Time Game & Task Card Bundle

“I used this during Intervention with a 3rd grade math group and they loved it! It was engaging yet still aligned to the standards. Elapsed time isn’t the most fun thing to learn (or teach), but they really enjoyed this!” – Tayrn Lau

About the 4th Grade Math Word Wall

“I LOVE this resource! My students were constantly asking me “what’s a sum” and “what’s a difference” prior to having this available in my classroom. My main goal is for students to be empowered with their own learning so they can be more independent–COVID has interfered so much with their ability to be confident in their skills, and this is just AWESOME! Thank you so much! The colorful visuals and easy to read text look great on my classroom walls!” -Jennifer P.

About the Fraction Google Forms Quizzes for 4th Grade

“What I love so much about this product is the versatility. ALL my students loved it. It was a great review of fractions the day after we learned about it and the visuals were clear for my SPED students. Awesome product.” – 4th grade teacher

About the Open Ended Math Tasks

“This resource is a must have!  I used it to connect learning to real world scenarios.  By solving multi-step problems, students demonstrated how learning math operations are important to solve real world problems.” -Happy Teacher

About the 6th Grade Test Prep Review

”I used this as a warm up in the weeks prior to state testing and it provided a well rounded review for my students and allowed me to review things that they haven’t seen since September!” -Happy Teacher

About the Area & Perimeter Task Cards

“This product is wonderful as a station or center for upper grade students.  They are able to complete the task cards on their own or in small groups.  With the colorful cards and drawing from the deck puts an element of fun into it.”  – Radhika D.

About the Data & Statistics Mini Bundle

“This was a good solution to teaching Box & Whisker Plots as a self checking activity. I printed out number lines for the students to then make their box plot after confirming their answers were correct with this activity. It allowed me to know who was struggle and focus on helping them while the ones who were getting them right on their own were moving along at their own pace. Thanks for this!” -Happy Teacher

About the Build Your Own Amusement Park Project

“This is AMAZING!!! I teach an enrichment math class and was looking for a fun way to have the kids do math and they LOVED this project. Thank you so much.”  -Karen C.

About the Graphing Linear Equations Digital Math Escape Room

“My students and I love the Digital Escapes!  They can be done anywhere and the kids love them!  They are challenging and a self-check activity” -Billie D

About the Fractions & Decimals Unit: Videos, Notes & Practice

“I love the notes page, succinct and relevant. I also appreciate that the practice pages are not cluttered.” Laura W.

 Ready to join these happy math teachers?!


End-Of-Year Math Bundle Sale Ends In:








“This bundle made my day!! What a great resource at a bargain. Thanks to the team.”

-Teresa, previous Math Bundle customer

AND! In addition to all the products listed above, each bundle purchase comes with a bundle of BONUS offers from participating teachers!

These include fun & engaging math freebies and exclusive coupon codes to save you even more on resources your students will love!

FREE Review Games for Any Topic

FREE Break the Code Activity

FREE Middle School Math Activities

FREE Math Resource Library

Save 50% on Any PD Course

FREE Mystery Pixel Activities

FREE Guide: Creating Resources in Powerpoint

FREE Camping Trip Math Project


Here’s what to expect after you purchase:

Feeling unsure of what to do with these resources or how to access them once you purchase?

The video below provides a brief overview of what to expect after completing your purchase so you can feel confident in this bundle.

“I LOVE YOU! LIKE SERIOUSLY! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This is going to help me so much! Thank you for the great deal!”

-Erin, previous Math Bundle customer

Meet the Math Experts who made these AMAZING End-Of-Year Math Bundles possible!

Donna | Math Coach's Corner
Donna Boucher has been an educator for more than twenty-five years, with classroom experience in grades 2-5. As a campus-based K-5 math instructional coach, she found a passion for early numeracy and worked with K-2 teachers to take the mystery out of teaching math. As a K-5 math interventionist, Donna put theory into practice on a daily basis. She has spoken at numerous state and national conferences, and through her blog, Math Coach’s Corner, she is able to share her love for math with a worldwide audience. Donna is also the coauthor of Guided Math Workshop.

Rachel | You've Got This Math
Rachel spent 12 years in a public school setting. The first few years were in 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Then she had the chance to try out being a literacy coach, math coach, Kindergarten SPED teacher, and EIP support teacher. Now she has the privilege of homeschooling her 2nd and 1st graders, as well as providing a preschool experience to her four year old twins.
Rick & Linda | MathLight
Rick Scarfi, the voice & genius behind MathLight’s teaching videos, is a veteran math teacher of over 30 years. One of his biggest strengths (as you will soon see) is his uncanny ability to explain complex mathematical topics in a way that students easily understand. Not only does Rick have the intangible ability to make challenging concepts appear simple, but he also pioneered the concept of math notes, another fantastic feature you’ll experience in MathLight. Linda Kardamis taught middle school math before stepping away from the classroom to raise her young children (that’s Rick’s grandkids if you’re following closely.) Since then Linda has founded Teach 4 the Heart. Linda shares the same passion and skill for teaching math and is thrilled to partner with Rick to create engaging & helpful curriculum that students and teachers will both enjoy.

Danielle | Math Minded Teaching
Danielle is an Elementary Math Specialist in New Jersey where she gets to share his passion for mathematics with students and teachers. Her philosophy of education is engage, engage, engage! She believes it is her job as an educator to ensure that her students are engaged in her teaching. If they aren’t engaged, then she will have only herself to blame. She loves to have students moving, teaching, talking, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, and anything else to engage them during their math class.

Shelley | Shelley Gray Teaching
Shelley is a former third and fourth grade teacher. She is passionate about math instruction – particularly engaging and motivating ways to promote the basics. She believes in success for all students and is driven to find ways to ensure that all students are able to succeed. She resides in Manitoba, Canada with her three children and creates teaching resources that are used by teachers around the world.
Jessica | JKCI Design
Jessica Kaminski has been an author, educator and consultant for over 15 years training educators all over the country. As the author of two best-selling US textbooks, she aims to provide quality instruction to help meet the needs of any student. Check out over 100 videos aimed to help any student with her new video library at

Stephanie | Math with Ms. Yi
Stephanie Yi has been teaching middle school math for the last 6 years and loves creating products that help her to support her student’s growth in math.
Mandy | Teaching with Simplicity
Mandy is finishing her 16th year in public education. Her time has been spent in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade classroom and also in Title I Math for grades 3-5. Mandy is a Google Certified teacher and is passionate about creating resources for teachers that are highly engaging and integrate technology. When not in the classroom, she spends time at home nestled in the woods in southwest Missouri with her husband, daughter, and three dogs.
Meg | The Teacher Studio
Meg is a fourth grade teacher who has taught grades 2, 3, 4, and 6 for more than 25 years. She has a masters in educational administration with a focus on curriculum and instruction and is passionate about bringing best practices to her own instruction and helping other teachers do the same. She’s an avid sports fan who follows local college teams as well as her beloved Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers. She has two sons who are the loves of her life and two fur babies who keep life interesting! Teaching and learning are her passion, and she’s excited to share her thinking with others. 
Laura | Teaching Resources
Laura is an educator and author with 30 years’ experience teaching upper elementary students. Laura developed her website, Teaching Resources, over 20 years ago, and she’s the author of over 100 books and digital resources for teachers. Laura is passionate about the importance of using cooperative learning and other active engagement strategies, especially in math, and she loves to create resources that make it easy for teachers to implement these strategies.
Brittany | The Colorado Classroom

Hi! My name is Brittany and I taught for 17 years – all of them in 6th grade. I think I know 12 year old students pretty well. During my time in the classroom, I loved history, geography, and math most of all, but I’ve taught every subject under the sun. I love to make things hands-on and thus I often incorporate interactive notebook techniques into a lot of what I do. Getting kids to interact with and think about the material in their own way is my ultimate goal.

Bethany | Math Geek Mama
Bethany is the founder of She has a degree in mathematics and a Master’s Degree in teaching. After several years of teaching math in the classroom, she chose to stay home and homeschool her 4 kids. After working with students of all ages, she has learned that traditional methods leave kids unprepared for upper level math, with little to no problem solving skills. Her desire is to change the culture around math to show that it can be taught in a conceptual, open way that is FUN!
Kristine | The Math Viking
Kristine Venneman a.k.a The Math Viking, is an elementary mathematics specialist in New Jersey. She works hard to give her students as little as possible! “The more we give away… the more we are taking from our students. The more we tell them, the less likely they are to question…and forge their own path of problem solving.” Explore math with Kristine on her website and be sure to check out the math coach vetted links page and amazing FREE lesson planning and problem solving resources!
Asia | The Sassy Math Teacher
Asia Hines is currently a 7th grade math teacher in Northern Virginia. Asia grew up in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Asia earned her Master’s of Arts in Teaching from her Alma Mater – James Madison University. Her dream to be a teacher started way back in elementary school, but her love of middle school (believe it or not) began when she was in middle school. Mix together SASS and ENERGY and you have her teaching style. Her goal each day is to make her students love math just a little more than they did the day before! In her free time, Asia enjoys crafting, spending time with her niece and nephews, reading, and creating fun math resources!

Kate | To the Square Inch
Kate, from To the Square Inch, has been teaching middle school math for over 10 years. She is passionate about making math engaging and accessible to all students!

Carrie | Flip4Math
Hi! I’m Carrie from Flip4Math. I have been teaching middle school math grades 6-8 for 18 years in New Jersey. I enjoy flipping my classroom so that I can reach all learners and spend more time with them in the room working through challenging, thought-provoking problems. Outside of the classroom, besides hanging out with my husband, four kids and puppy, I love to create resources for my TPT store, Flip 4 Math so that I can help my fellow teachers. My newest obsession has been creating Google math forms so that teachers can easily check-in with their students. I can also be found on my website, where I share ideas for the classroom.

Joy | The Teacher Down the Hall

I began my teaching career as a high school basketball coach. I loved the daily interaction with my players, but my true satisfaction came from pushing them to their physical limits and then seeing the results of their efforts benefit them during competitions. Though I no longer coach, I enjoy that same satisfaction in the classroom. Just like when coaching, I can’t show my kids a couple of examples from their text book and expect them to master new skills. They need lots of repetitions, but repetition is boring. So, I create fun classroom activities – whole group Bingo games, Boom cards and Google Forms Quizzes, Worksheets with Riddles, and holiday mystery games that all include our learning standards. Kids love playing, and through ‘play’ they can master anything I throw at them! My favorite question that I hear from my students on a regular basis is: “Can we do this again tomorrow?”

Amy | Amazing Materials 4 You
I’m Amy. Fun Fact: Amazing Materials for You is an acronym – AM4Y. I am a fourth-grade teacher with over 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher (Preschool – 5th Grades), preschool music teacher, a college and graduate school instructor, a reading interventionist, and a literacy coach. My 4th Graders are advanced learners, so I teach 5th Grade math. I am also a mom of two adult daughters and an adorable Maltese dog.

Alex | Middle School Math Man
Alex O’Connor started teaching middle school math in 2011 and taught combinations of 6th grade and 8th grade math in a traditional classroom until 2018. During this time, he worked to implement and refine a math workshop model and is the author of Making Math Workshop Work. Since 2018, Alex had continued teaching middle school math in a virtual school in Wisconsin.

Shana | Scaffolded Math & Science
Shana McKay started her teaching career in 2004. She is certified to teach math grades 1-12, biology grades 8-12 and students with moderate disabilities, and has taught in both the general and special education setting. Shana has a bachelor’s degree from UMass Amherst in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Mathematics for Teaching from Harvard Extension School. She blogs about math at

Dan | Mr. Mault's Marketplace
My name is Dan Mault. I have been teaching for 13 years in upstate New York. I taught 3rd and 4th grade for 11 years and have spent the last 2 years as a technology integration specialist. I love creating materials for elementary students that will be engaging, fun, yet rigorous. I’ve spent much of my time creating digital resources to use with Google Classroom and Google Slides, as I am in a Google school. These are my favorite materials to create! I have a YouTube channel that you can visit here: I post a ton of videos about how to use various tech tools, both for teachers and for students. My blog can be found at This is also a space where I share out information about resources, technology, and fun teacher “stuff!”

Paige | The Math Matrix
Paige (aka The Math Matrix) will be starting her third year teaching math this fall and has really embraced creating digital resources to use in her classroom! She is excited to share fun and engaging math resources with you that can be used for either remote or in-person instruction, utilizing Boom Cards or Google Classroom!

Crystal | Teaching Principal
Crystal Mencia is a New Jersey educator with over a decade of experience in grades K-8. She holds dual certifications for general and special education in addition to completing administrative coursework. Math is her jam and interactive notebooks are a favorite instructional tool. Beyond the classroom, Crystal enjoys life outdoors with her small family and large dog. To view blog posts and subscribe to emails, please visit for additional information.

Emily & Heidi | Second Story Window

Heidi and Emily are the set of sisters behind Second Story Window. We are both former 2nd grade and preschool teachers with over 20 years of classroom experience between us. We love to make life just a little easier for teachers by designing curriculum that is both rigorous and easy-to-use!

Jennifer | Smith Curriculum & Consulting

Hi, I’m Jennifer Smith Jochen. I help teachers by developing interactive and engaging math activities and lessons that can be used in all classrooms for any learner! As a consultant, I also provide Professional Development to train teachers in the benefits of interactive notebooks, Math Workshop and other interactive learning methods.

Karla | One Room School House

I have taught special education for over 20 years. I currently teach 3rd-5th grade students with a variety of abilities. My goal is to create products that help students bridge the gap from their learning disability to their grade level. All students can learn, but we have to find the ways in which they learn.

Barbara | Mrs. Balius' Teaching Resources

Mrs. Balius is a teacher from Houston Texas who has taught grades 1-4. She loves teaching math and believes that everyone has the capability to learn math with the proper instruction.

Marina | MathCurious

MathCurious is dedicated to exploring the world of math and sharing experiences, knowledge, and ideas with parents, and educators. Our goal is to create and recommend the best learning activities, resources, books, and games to spread the love for math. Mathcurious is created by a primary school teacher and her three boys.

Jewel | Jewel's School Gems

Jewel Pastor loves creating fun STEM resources for busy teachers. She’s best known for her Bible STEM activities on Teachers Pay Teachers. She also creates digital escape rooms, unplugged coding activities, and science PowerPoints and flipbooks. When not absorbed in the latest thriller on Netflix, Jewel loves baking and spending time with her family. She lives in Australia with her husband and two young children.

Ellie | Cognitive Cardio Math

Ellie spent 24 years in the upper elementary and middle school classrooms, teaching all subjects in elementary school and teaching math, ELA and science in middle school. Since retiring, she has worked in the elearning field, continues creating math resources for the classroom, blogs about math topics, and tutors to stay in touch with students. Her mission is to support teachers as they work to provide engaging, meaningful experiences for their students. She is the author of the course Fractions: From Foundations to Operations and runs the digital math activities site, Cognitive Cardio Math Activities.

Karrie | Mrs. E Teaches Math

Hi! I’m Karrie from Mrs. E Teaches Math. I love helping teachers to find engaging and relevant ways to help students learn.

This resource saves me so much time.

-Jennifer B., previous Math Bundle customer

This Limited Time Offer Ends Soon!

As math educators, we know how important it is to find resources & activities to meet and engage every single student, right where they are.

But we also know that reaching every student should not mean you have to sacrifice your entire weekend and half your paycheck to make it happen.

This is why we’ve bundled together some of our best selling products: to provide high quality materials at a price you can afford.

So now through March 29th, you can grab the Grades 3-5 Bundle or the Grades 6-8 Bundle for more than 90% off!

End-Of-Year Math Bundle Sale Ends In:








“Thank you so much! This is an INCREDIBLE deal and I can’t wait to explore the resources.”

– Siri, Previous Math Bundle customer

Still Have Questions?

How it works

We have combined some of our most loved math resources to bring you a 7 day only sale where they’re all bundled for you to download and use!

1. Buy your choice of bundle and download each file.

2. Print the printable resources or copy the digital resources to your Google Drive.

3. Assign activities to your students.

Terms of Use

Before purchasing, please note that these files are sold with an individual license only, meaning they are for one parent or teacher to use in their home or classroom.

You may NOT distribute the pdf files or share them on sharing sites. You may NOT share the digital links with others.

If others would like to use them, they need to purchase their own bundle of files. Thank you so much for your understanding and honesty!

In addition, you may NOT use these resources in a course you sell & teach on OutSchool. If you’re interested in a commercial license for this purpose, please reach out to individual teacher authors for more information.

Can I purchase these resources separately?
Yes! Each of these resources is available for individual purchase if that is your preference. You can find them on Teachers Pay Teachers, in the respective shops. They will also be available for individual purchase after this bundle sale ends. Feel free to reach out to for questions about a specific product.

Can you tell me more about each BUNDLE?

There are so many products, it would be overwhelming to give a description of each here on this page. So we’ve put together product overview guides so you can dive deeper into what each product includes and covers.

Read about the Grades 3-5 Products HERE

Read about the Grades 6-8 Products HERE

Will I receive something in the mail?

No. All the materials are printable or digital resources that you can download, save and begin using right away. You will not receive any physical products.

Are these resources for teachers or parents?
Both! All resources are designed to be used to teach kids math and have fun doing so. Although we put this bundle together to specifically help classroom teachers, parents can certainly use these activities to supplement at home. Many of the resources include printable versions, so even if you are not in need of no-print, computer based activities, you can still find a lot of value in this math collection.

Can I get a refund?
Yes. While we will be sad for you to miss out on this deal, we want you to be completely satisfied and confident in your purchase. If for some reason it does not meet your expectations, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchasing by emailing:

I've already purchased some of these resources. Do I still have to pay full price?
Yes. We realize that you may have purchased one or two of these resources from your favorite teacher authors in the past. Even if that’s the case, there are still many other resources included. Please look carefully at the included resources, to make a decision about whether or not this is still a good value for you personally.

I don't live in the U.S. Can I still purchase?

You sure can! Simply check out with Paypal, and you’re all set. Please note, however, that all prices are in U.S. dollars, so an exchange rate will apply.

With so many free resources, why do I need to pay?
While all the teacher authors participating do strive to offer lots of fun and free activities, all of the products listed above are paid products. With these resources, you get more comprehensive resources, rather than an individual free activity. Of course, it’s still up to you. You could certainly continue to use freebies alone if these bundles are not in your budget right now!

I don't use Google Classroom. Can I still use the digital activities?
Yes! There are many ways to adapt and use the interactive, digital activities, even if your school doesn’t use Google Classroom. For example, you can convert the slides to powerpoint if you use Microsoft Teams. You can also convert the slides to use in systems such as Schoology or Canvas. In addition, Boom Cards and Google Forms can be shared & assigned to students without having a Google account. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply request a refund within 30 days!

End-Of-Year Math Bundle Sale Ends In: